How to market an App

June 12, 2018 | Vinod Mohite


App Marketing Ideas - Promotion of an app is as important as developing its features. If the app is not capable of reaching the desired audience, the efforts taken on its development may go waste. Making the app reach the target market and marketing it in such a way that the users download it, is the overall process of marketing an app. The app may be of excellent quality and might deliver the best service, but instead of reaching thousands of people, it only reaches a few. This is because of failure in marketing the app.

Marketing of an app must start even before you launch the app in the store. Telling people about a new app launch, getting people’s opinions or simply creating a buzz about your upcoming app, will make people curious and therefore increase downloads. Appropriate SEO methods and app marketing would lead to better engagement. People can also be used as marketers of your app. People having a good follower base can influence their audience for the app. featuring of blogs on e-mails and mobile friendly websites can also be significant.

Sometimes uploading your app on a single app store may cause loss of customers. Having your app launched on different app stores and portals, exposes the app to all the available target audience, and eliminates the restriction of a single platform.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO / Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect as it helps target customers who are searching for similar apps on Google and other search engines. Running a Search Campaign on Google Adwords, Bing ads and affiliate websites associated to search engines via Display Campaign helps reach out to a wider range of audience resulting in more downloads and revenue.

Using your websites and blogs as an advertisement for your app is a good way of marketing. Guest posting on blogs related to your target audience is interesting to read, and can drive download. One can include links to their app on their website, social media platforms or blogs and forums, to create a buzz or attract curiosity.

Social media

Social Media platforms like Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter can be efficiently utilised not only to create posts or send out app links, but also reply and revert to customer feedbacks and queries about the app. Right from creating a pre-launch post to attract attention, to creating an announcement post for the app launch, social media can be used immensely, to reach out and increase downloads. You can also run a Paid Campaign on Social Media websites to create brand Buzz or app buzz.

QR codes

QR codes are an excellent way to lead your customers to your app.These can be displayed on visiting cards or envelopes, for the customers to help them reach the app on the app store.

Promotion of your app can also be done by organizing a contest or giving away offers and discounts through the app. This would surely make the customers experience the app and hence use it.

Reviews or ratings

Review / Ratings on the app store or any other portal is a good way of communicating with people and promoting the app. Knowing about customer’s needs and feedback's, and replying to their reviews, can create a positive response.

App Store Optimization

Optimizing your app on the Android / IOS Play Store is the most important aspect of App promotion as most of your audience is going to use play stores to download apps. Having organic ranking in play store as well paid campaigns on play stores will help the mobile app increase its download manifold

An app should not be kept as it is from the starting. Constantly developing and updating the app features and qualities can make people experience it even better. Keeping your app content fresh and maintain contact with your customers can prove to be advantageous.

Without the best techniques used or marketing the app, it will fail to reach the right audience. Despite the incredible features of an app, marketing plays a very significant role in targeting the right audience and driving them to our app. In today’s technologically developed era, marketing has become an integral part of every success story. Apps also succeed in delivering the best performance when they are marketed perfectly.

It is often very difficult to perform app marketing functions correctly. A good digital marketing company can help you there, to make your app optimised and visible to the correct audience.

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