SEO Pros and Cons

May 26, 2018

Search engine optimisation is an on-going practice and a trend, adopted by majority of businesses worldwide, to enhance their website, brand or achieve their marketing goals. This process not only gives exposure and enriched visibility to websites, but also focuses on expanding traffic to your website organically. It comes in both paid and non-paid methods, but before you decide to engage in SEO, you must consider both its merits and limits.

Organic Vs Non Organic

Most of the SEO activities can be performed free of cost. It’s usually the time required to achieve the desired goals, which may be longer than expected. Other than that, it is the SEO Strategy and the SEO Process put to work, that bring out good results.

Search engine optimisation helps building mobile friendly websites, which suit the current needs of customers. It enhances navigation, and promotes call to action. SEO activities work towards getting your website on the first page of the customers search results. A good SEO effort designs and develops websites which comply with the latest search engine algorithms, and hence do not fail to capture and sustain the attention of the user.

Customer Online Experience

There are over 3.5 billion monthly searches made on just Google, apart from other search engines. This is actually a huge potential for traffic to your website. SEO ensures that the right kind of audience is able to view your website, hence increasing the chances of website visits.

People automatically trust the business that has its website listed on the first page. SEO done well, increases credibility and trust amongst customers, and gives a competitive edge over other similar businesses.

Inbound Marketing

Though SEO enjoys a lot of merits, and induces a business owner to take up SEO activities, it still suffers from some limitations, and the biggest drawback is that getting desired results through SEO activities takes a lot of time. It will be a while until you see improvements in website visits and ROI. Adding up to this concern, SEO activities might also turn out to be of no use. There is no guarantee of results in this kind of marketing.

SEO activities are not always free. If a company uses third-party organisations to perform its SEO functions, then it is no longer free of cost. Even after investing, SEO might not be consistent, and may not deliver results as expected.


Search engines keep developing and changing their algorithm which is why you have to be constantly updated about the changes and implement them. This might result in delayed results and loss of investment.

It is very important to create valuable and unique content, as everyone in your business line is taking almost equal efforts to capture audience. You have to be constantly developing and evolving your website and content to maintain customer engagement. Such tasks require SEO experts who keep monitoring and implementing changes and improvements.

Google Global Organic Traffic

SEO activities are performed by a lot of SEO companies today, even if it comes with drawbacks and risks, because any novel and emerging idea brings both advantages and disavantages along with it, and it is the responsibility of the implementer, to use it wisely. SEO efforts must be taken up along with other digital marketing methods. Such a process would enrich the results and minimize risks of depending upon only one marketing method.

SEO Advantages and Disadvantages FAQ

What are the advantages of SEO ?

SEO helps to generate continuous Flow of Organic Traffic, Generates Leads and helps you establish as an authority in your Industry.

What are the disadvantages of SEO ?

SEO is a time consuming activity and if not done properly can lead to loss of investment or low ROI.

How to take advantage of another company's SEO ?

Competitor Analysis will help you shortlist Keywords which you may have missed in Keyword research also you can target good backlinks on portals where your competitor is having a presence.

What is the SEO advantage of Video ?

With search engines been able to crawl and extract information from Videos it helps in Organic ranking. A video also helps in customer engagement and thereby increases avg time spent by customer on website.

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