What Makes a Good Website

October 11, 2018 | Vinod Mohite

With a drastic amelioration of computers, and its wedlock with the series (yes of course! Talking about the huge internet revolution!), businesses have created new benchmarks. Each pursuit wants to now be there on this global world and carve a niche for itself. Hence, there’s this rat race of the websites to be attractive and extremely user friendly, so as to monopolise the market. But are your toils of making ingenious websites really reaping the fruits you want to taste?
To make people aware of this changing scenario, here are a few nuances you need to cater to.


For a website, one puts in a lot of hard work and creativity. But why exactly is the motive of perspiring so much for just a website? For this, you should never forget that all these efforts are for lead generation and brand engagement which has now become the core of any business advertisement. The website’s content, images, call to actions determine its performance on the web.

Website Design Goals


We have all heard about this term, but why is it such a hugely discussed phrase of the web business? For a great user experience (UX as they code it!), one needs to go through all the business, technical and design requirements for that project. For example, for websites like Amazon, Flipkart, the first priority shall be user friendliness. You should know the way the users uses the product or service.

One of the best ways of segregating the design of a website is dividing the tasks performed in it into Primary and secondary tasks (giving priority to the Primary tasks goes unsaid). Also to scrutinise functionalities added, creating prototypes is a very good practise. Tools like Adobe Flash, Adobe Edge tools are to your helpdesk for this purpose.

Sketching and blurting out all your articulate ideas practically does make a lot of difference. Through this, your loosely built concepts coagulate beautifully in a nice framework, which can be then put to work.

Most definitely, a huge chunk of research, knowledge and effort goes into creating an excellent user experience. But the results are worth the sweat and hard work !

Restaurant Software Company Increases Yearly organic traffic by 48%

Super Speciality Hospital in Gujarat Increases Quarterly organic traffic by 164%

Manufacturing Company Organic Traffic Increased from 321 monthly visits to 3463 monthly visits in 10 months

User Interface Stats / User Experience Stats


A good user interface talks about the interactivity and reciprocity of a website. Along with the enhancement of user interface, you can give your user an enjoyable experience never sought before. In a lay man’s term, user interface connects the dots between the user and the information, quite creatively. While improving the user interface, one has to take care a few aspects.

1. Your website must be device fit. Due to the shrinkage of regular PCs into mobile phones and Tabs, it’s important for your website to easily adjust to the changing environment, efficiently and easily.

2. Know your audience is the best mantra to be followed. It’s possibly lame to use flashy vivid colours for a business website. On the other hand, not using such vibrant features may make a shopping site or any kids’ site unattractive. So choose wisely.

3. The website should resolve all the queries on the minds of the user. So provision of FAQs and helplines is a must.

4. Fonts used should be readable and befitting the style of your endeavour.

5.Graphics of the website are very crucial while designing a website. Prolific content is going to definitely reap more searches and visitors. To sum it up, there should be some added utility affixed to your site which will make it exclusive.


How boring would a site be if all the information was static, just on one page. Besides that, having all the load of information just on one page is impracticable. Navigation to rescue! It is nothing but hopping from one page to the other nested one.

You make your user travel through the path you design, fulfilling all your demands and also those of the costumers. Just one click, and there you are on a totally unfamiliar, dissimilar page, maybe more intriguing than the previous. But remember, don’t make this experience monotonous for your user. Do not provide more than three navigations, otherwise the irritated user will just shut your website, never to open it again.


The reason people often stick to the website and can read line by line each word thoroughly is due to the alluring content. Not a rocket science, just keep the language lucid and classy, avoiding grammatical errors (trust me, that’s the main reason of procuring an irritated reader). The content should be engaging and interesting, compelling the reader to stay on the page for longer time. If you content is unique and interestingly conveys every aspect of the project, none can stop you from getting on-board.


The words literally mean what they say. Your website, in an attempt of having some dynamic functionality, must have certain call to action buttons to define some action you want the user to perform. It kind of acts like a signal for directing the user to perform a specific task. Tabs like ‘Sign up’ or ‘Add to cart’ instruct the user to do the activity mentioned on it. Keep in mind, your call to action must be synchronous with the website it is on. Putting ‘Chat now’ options on an Infosys website would be totally inappropriate.

Call To Action / Load Time


The load time of the website is detrimental for the life and death of a website. Situations can turn topsy-turvy if the site tales a lot of time to load, thus increasing the market for your rival brands. Loading time should never be more than 5 seconds. The concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages is a blessing in disguise for digital marketing. It is an open-source platform for content building and promotion. It facilitates high performance and faster loading of websites irrespective of the device used.


Do you not want to be the first website Google shows when anyone searches for the related brand? The idea seems overwhelming but requires painstaking labour to bring it to reality. On Page Optimization is one of the important factors governing this which has Meta Tags, Alt tags, content (Bold) helping Google understand the content of the website. Implement Structural Schema ( so that search engines can better classify the Information. Beware of the broken lines that can sabotage your work.

Everything set and done, following all these golden words can help you and your firm sour high in this digital world, expanding your boundaries to infinity!

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