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App store optimization is the process of optimizing and improving the visibility of the mobile app, in an app store and search engines. It basically involves activities that increase the rankings of the mobile app, hence increasing downloads.

ASO marketers and mobile marketing companies agree that ranking higher in search results and top charts rankings will drive more downloads for an app. 65% of all downloads come from App Store searches.

Apart from App Store users may also search for mobile apps on search engines like Google. It is not always necessary for people to know brand names of mobile apps they require, hence they might type in relevant generic keywords. This is why efficient app store optimization is needed.

Benefits of ASO

Why works efficiently to perform your app optimization tasks. The SEO expert professionals that perform app marketing and optimization have proven to show efficient results. We make sure that your app is visible on all platforms where the customers can search for it.

We follow a structured process in order to arrive at good results.

Keyword Research

App store optimization process starts with keyword research. It helps in gaining insight of what consumers are searching for products related to your brand. Knowledge of relevant keywords helps in gaining relevant targeted traffic thereby increasing downloads.

Pick the right name for your Mobile App Name: As a Digital marketing agency, our experts will help you finalize a Mobile App Name which would help in gaining more traffic and more downloads.


Title and Description

The next step is to decide upon a title for the app, which suits it the best. The title should preferably carry some relevant keywords that would drive the most traffic. This decision has to be made wisely, as changing the title regularly may also be detrimental. Along with the title, a brief and informative description and some videos or images of the functioning of the app would help the user effectively identify the usage and performance of the app and hence decide better.

Frequent updates

Frequently updating with images, videos and description would keep the users or viewers updated about the latest changes and attract curiosity and interest. LocalizeApp: Localization is necessary as it has a huge impact on user experience. Localizing apps also brings new potential customers and hence increase downloads.

Ratings and Feedback

Potential customers search for multiple mobile apps before downloading one out of it. Reviews and ratings help in boosting the confidence of the customer. More the number of positive feedbacks more are the chances of the user to download the app. We run a campaign which helps to reach out to satisfied customers to get positive feedback.

Off Page Optimization

To rank in search engines the brand needs to have a strong backlink strategy which has to be properly executed helping us achieve top rankings. A structured backlink strategy can increase reach and downloads.

Performing all the functions of app optimization is not an easy task, and needs proper time and efforts to be invested. So if your company has enough budgets, you can hire an experienced SEO company that would make your job easier. Professional know-how and experience are significant for the app store optimization / App Marketing to work well and produce positive results.

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