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Lead Generation

Leads keep your business running. To keep the leads coming, you need a reliable and effective marketing team. At, we use the best digital marketing tactics to generate leads effectively. Our lead generator experts help you not only decide business goals, strategize for marketing campaigns, execute strategies and generate leads, but also engage with those leads and convert them.

Lead Generation Services

SEO Lead Generation

SEO Lead Generation

SEO aids in improving organic web traffic, but you can also generate leads by targeting the right set of keywords that can generate traffic as well enquiries. Generally Transactional and Commercial Keywords help in generating Leads while Informational keywords help in brand awareness. So keep a mixture of all set of Keywords thereby increasing substantial traffic and leads

Ecommerce store for organic food saw an increment of 300% in Organic Traffic in 10 months

Shopify Ecommerce Store: 1084 monthly visitors to 7,047 monthly visitors in 5 months

Google Adwords Lead Generation

Google Adwords Lead Generation

SEO is a long term plan that involves months of efforts to drive results. However, if you are in need of instant Leads, then Google Paid Campaigns is one of the best options to generate instant business.

Google Adwords Search Campaign allows you to run campaigns for all potential keywords related to your service / product at the top of search results. This leads to more website traffic and high quality lead generation. With Google Display / Banner Advertisement, you reach out to millions of potential customers and inform them about your products / services, hence increasing brand awareness. A combination of Search and Display will generate good ROI.

Educational Institute Organic Traffic Increased by 54% in 3 Months.

Real Estate Website Organic Traffic Increased by 59% in 3 Months.

Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation

Businesses that can invest more on marketing should look towards social media lead generation as a starting point. Seeking social media leads serves two purposes: increase and retain the number of buyers attracted to your products/services, and communicate exciting sales offers and events easily.

Email Marketing Lead Generation

Email Marketing Lead Generation

An evergreen method of lead generation and conversion, email marketing only requires you to invest time and capital wisely. Our team of experts are adept at figuring out ways and means suitable for your specific lead generation goals, enabling a high conversion rate!

Restaurant Software Company Increases Yearly organic traffic by 48%

Super Speciality Hospital in Gujarat Increases Quarterly organic traffic by 164%

Banner Advertising Lead Generation

Email Marketing Lead Generation

Banner advertising is an important part of digital display advertising. In this case, we help you choose to display banner ads that are efficient and effective, that lead to convertible leads. With years of experience in this niche, display advertising is one of our core fortes! Let us use our strengths to help you achieve your lead generation goals!

Our lead generation process

How to Generate Leads

Finalize business goals :Business goals vary depending on the kind of business you have. Why exactly do you need to generate leads? On one hand, b2b businesses usually aspire towards increasing brand awareness, in-person engagement, and customized assistance to other businesses. On the other hand, b2c businesses allow customers to directly avail their services. Irrespective of what you need, we have the perfect solution!

Identify target audience : After business goals, we come to your target audience! A thorough analysis of your target audience will include factors like geography, gender, age, marital status, business and career status, etc. Keeping them in mind, we help you create a concrete list of customers that we can cater and get the highest quality leads

Strategy : Like business goals vary as per business type, marketing strategy decisions depend on the type of target audience you want to attract. Our team of experts will help you design lead generating strategies according to your business requirements.

Execution : Our team of professionals who will ensure that your digital marketing campaigns run smoothly, require minimum expenditure, and result in an amazing ROI. Our execution decision will depend on the strategies we create, in collaboration with your business goals.

Engagement : We make sure that your potential customer gets glued / engaged to your website by using various tools which thereby leads to increase time spent on the website (Brand).

Convert : More the Engagement more the chances of Conversions (Leads). The process of converting a digital marketing lead varies as per the kind of lead you wish to convert. We at locate where you have been missing out on leads, where you can improve, and create actionable content geared for success. Our excellent team not only guarantees excellent lead generation but also ensures a high lead conversion rate in return for your trust in us.


In the marketing business, lead generation refers to the process by which enterprises capture customer interest into product/services sales. Broadly, two kinds of leads are offered in the lead generation industry: marketing and sales leads.

To its advantage, lead generation is a proven and inexpensive way to maximize sales and brand awareness. The better the leads, the better the buyers, and the better the revenue!

Lead generation in digital marketing deals with the arousal of customer attention with regard to product and services that your brand offers. With the marketing industry witnessing rapid technological shifts, companies must keep adapting to the latest digital marketing strategies and use them to increase lead generation capabilities.

In digital marketing, lead generation is mostly associated with search engine and social media marketing, both of which are essential to the popularity and value of your brand, along with its online marketing campaigns.

Companies that market and sell to another business rather than a consumer require b2b leads. As an initial aspect of a general sales or marketing strategy, B2B lead generation is an essential precursor where you gather data on possible customers (full name, occupation, enterprise name, email address, job position). Thereafter, such data can be used to increase the number of sales, via measures like content marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), increased social media shares, etc.

Compared to b2b, b2c lead generation campaigns are more extensive in their customer engagement. Where b2b strategy decisions are centralized, b2c treats everyone as buyers with equal buying capabilities. To rest assured that your products or services are visible to your audience base, you can resort to content marketing, social media marketing, redirect buyers to landing pages, use customer email lists etc.

As the goal of lead generation is to garner customer interest in your products and/or services, Facebook is a perfect social media platform where you can launch effective lead generation campaigns. To this end, Facebook requires customers to log their contact data in an “Instant Form” that you can use, to engage with them more intimately. Moreover, you can check the efficacy of Facebook lead conversion on your webpage via Facebook pixel.

LinkedIn has Lead Gen forms including professional data that is available in LinkedIn accounts. You can use them to collect information on your customers in an easy way. More specifically, you can keep tabs on your campaign expenditure per social media lead, rate of filling lead forms, and rate of leads from target professional consumer groups.

For this purpose, you can either download and store your leads from Campaign Manager or merge them using any marketing automation or CRM tool available.

Provided that you have carefully designed your strategies and measures, email marketing can be a boon with respect to generating desired leads! Email marketing involves gathering contacts which can be converted, figuring out an efficient strategy, and implementing them using available tools and techniques to achieve sales. Therefore, increased lead generations can herald more lead conversions, which in turn leads to improved profit margins.

SEO is a great way to generate leads, as it improves the search rank of your website by assimilating crucial marketing keywords with the content you put out. If interested consumers make related keyword searches, your content will be the first to pop up in the search results. Then, they can click on these links and get redirected to your site, a phenomenon called organic traffic generation.

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