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A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is an internet advertising model in which advertiser’s pay a fee each time one of his ads is clicked and the traffic is diverted to his website. PPC is commonly associated with first-tier search engines (Google, Bing), Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked. Advertisers also provide another format of ads, namely the Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPM) campaign where the banner advertisement is done and the advertiser pays everytime the ad covers 1000 impressions. In the case of search engines, there is a bidding process where advertisers bid on the keywords and phrases most relevant to their product or target audience. Websites, on the other hand, usually charge a fixed rate for each click on an ad published on their site or host CPM campaigns.

Why thedigitalfine.com?

PPC Company in Gujarat having a team of experienced, dedicated professionals that are both Google AdWords Certified as well as Bing Ads Certified. Our Google Adwords Experts and Bing Ads Expert professionals are well-versed with all the online tools and will make sure your PPC campaign is optimally run and closely monitored, giving you better return on investment.

Importance of PPC

We understand the importance of PPC advertising and we know the value it can bring to both established businesses as well as start-ups. Not only is it cost effective, letting you start small and measure your results, it is probably the best method to get targeted visitors. PPC helps in selling sell products, services, creating brand awareness and generating leads.

PPC also works wonders with other marketing methods, specifically Search Engine Optimization. You can test the efficacy of keywords and phrases using PPC and turn that into long-term SEO efforts.

Paid Tools

We use only the best tools like ahref to augment your PPC ads. We are not stringent about our budget where the best, leading tools are concerned.

Types of Campaign

At thedigitalfine.com, we run a variety of campaigns for Pay-Per-Click Advertising. They are listed as follows.

Search Campaign

Search Campaigns are those campaigns where your business appears above the organic results in a search engine when a pre-selected keyword is searched. We strategies and choose relevant keywords and phrases and display them across Google and Bing to deliver quality and targeted leads at a low cost per acquisition. This method also aids our SEO efforts in the long term, allowing us to test which keywords work and which do not for your business. Search campaigns are most effective for inquiry and lead generation.

Potential customers search for multiple mobile apps before downloading one out of it. Reviews and ratings help in boosting the confidence of the customer. More the number of positive feedbacks more are the chances of the user to download the app. We run a campaign which helps to reach out to satisfied customers to get positive feedback.

Display Campaign

We also work on PPC display campaigns, which are ads that are displayed on websites affiliated with Search Engines. Display campaigns allow us to advertise on related and relevant websites and are another effective way to reach out to a focused target audience. Display campaigns are usually more branding-oriented.

Video Advertising

Video advertising includes online advertisements that encompass a video which is usually streamed before, during and/or after a video online, such as that on YouTube. This form of advertising can be made very personal and creative and is on offer at thedigitalfine.com.

Shopping Ads

Perfect for retailers, shopping ads do exactly what they say, display your products and get people to shop at your website. Shopping Ads can be created as search campaigns or display campaigns.

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